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Posted by roteakropolis on 2005.09.02 at 23:19

The Tome of Marduk


The story of Marduk begins in the city of Detroit, in 1840. On a frosty winter night, Mardachi the wise brought Marduk the Lightbearer into being from the sun. Marduk heated the city of Detroit throughout that winter, and there was much rejoicing.

Marduk continued to help the city of Detroit prosper during the harsh winter, until in 1890 Detroit was attacked by Tiamat the slayer. Tiamat mercilessly persecuted the denizens of Detroit for a whole month while Marduk was out on vacation. When Marduk came back, he challenged Tiamat to a duel in the Great Canadian Desert in exactly 1 year.

Marduk had previously been naked, but for this coming battle he would need armor to protect himself and his package from the attacks of Tiamat. Therefore he searched the Great Lakes Area for items that would help him in his coming duel against Tiamat.

He came across a magical wizard known as Lobo. Lobo told him of a special ore that he could fashion into an impervious suit of black armor, which he would use to help him slay all of the enemies of Detroit. This ore was guarded by a gigantic, seven-headed Kinkajou that breathed fire. Marduk sought the lair of seven-headed Kinkajou, and then smote the beast, claiming his first victory and the magical ore. After defeating the seven-headed Kinkajou, Marduk was faced with a long, arduous journey. He was forced to travel from the site of the ore, in Saginaw, through the barren desert of Harrelroth to the cave of Demugin. In the Harrelroth Valley, Marduk encountered the strange people of the Yesugei tribe. They were a heartless, greedy people bent on the collection of shiny jewels and sweet fruits. Needless to say, Marduk smote them all without mercy. He took their jewels and proceeded to the cave of Demugin. Marduk entered the cave to seek shelter. Marduk rested there for seven days and seven nights.

After a month of traveling and slaying nonbelievers, Marduk returned to his hometown of Detroit. There, Lobo the wizard fashioned Marduk’s trademark black armor. Then Mardachi the Wise educated Marduk in the black arts of conjuring spirits and lightning. He then told Marduk of an ancient, powerful sword known as Schmerzmacher he could find the distant city of Los Angeles. According to records held in the mystical archives of Detroit, Los Angeles used to be a peaceful city, until an evil Warlock took over, and let the city slowly descend into moral decadence, and turning most of its inhabitants into the undead. Marduk set off to claim Schmerzmacher as his own.


Posted by sexi_chesti on 2005.08.18 at 19:49
Billy: Hey Mr. Adams, what do you have there?

Mr. Adams: Well Billy, it's a Tome of Marduk!

Billy: Wow! What is that?

Mr. Adams: Well Billy, what you have to understand is that we, as pathetic humans, are nothing compared to the forces of the Universe, let alone to the awesome power of Marduk.

Billy: Wow... im scared.

Mr. Adams: and you SHOULD be. Marduk's wrath to the non-believers is terribly barbaric, as is his way of life... and mine.

Billy: What do you mean Mr. Adams?!

Mr. Adams: Well Billy, in these Tomes, you learn the awnswers to everything... and the way to worphip Marduk in the manor that he wishes it... you should learn them.... caress them... study them... or pepare for your DEMISE!!

Billy: Oh... where can I get them?

Mr. Adams: Well... erm... i dunno...

Billy: wow... its a shame that alex dosn't distribute them over then net so everybody can read them.

Mr. Adams: Fo sho biaaatch.

Alex... where can i get a copy??! Gawr...


Posted by theraps on 2005.08.16 at 18:28

Posted by roteakropolis on 2005.08.14 at 20:58
This is the first official post of the official Brotherhood of Marduk community.

Hail Marduk!

I, the prophet, will soon unearth the Tome of Marduk, and record its contents on this site. Followers of Marduk may post any Marduk-related material on this site.

That is all for now.